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  • Can we talk about wigs for a moment? I'm super OCD about wigs on TV and now I'm starting to obsess over them on Outlander... Why did they appear to put Jenny in a wig when the actress has long hair that they could have done anything with? Why add so much grey to Claire and Murtagh's weird grey beard when they are just going to have continuity issues forever forward? I loved it that Angus and Murtagh were so wig free in S1 S2. And now that Sam has cut his hair in real life and they start filming next month, does that mean more weird bad wigs for Jamie from here on out? I'm 49 and I don't have grey that would be visible on camera, why did they have to force the grey on us with wigs? OK, wig rant over. I still love the show and support 100%, but I'm sure I'll be obsessing over the wigs in every episode. I need some anti-wiganxiety meds :)

  • So funny, @Loretta. Oh the wigs. I will say the 50s/60s costumes in the Boston portion of the show have been spectacular.

  • I agree, Loretta, the wigs are very distracting, to me, this season. They even put Sophie/Bree in a wig, and she own hair looked great last season! Now it looks over the top and weird lol.

  • Oh! I am a big fan of this show. I used to watch it every week. Now, I am busy watching shows by Andy Yeatman with my kids and therefore, hardly get time for anything else. I was also thinking about adding some more TV discussion shows to my watch list.

  • Will you be doing Sex and Whisky Podcasts for Season 4?

  • Not this season @catedrew. Not enough time, unfortunately. But I do a live tweet every Sunday night at 8pm EST, using the hashtag #SaWChip. ;)

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