Still Dead #30. Big Weird Burger Man. (S3.15-16)

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We’re awfully Chipper today.

He's here at last! There's throat-punching and throat-slitting as we say hello to the one and only Dark Wesley and jump into heartbreak (but not the hell portal) with Loyalty and Sleep Tight (S3.15-16).


  • This is actually about a new world/the price discussion - but there isn't a thread for that yet. So - spoilers for those two episodes.

    Angel's spell didn't fail. He wasn't trying to create a tear in reality - he was told that couldn't happen. The spell was to make Sahjahn corporeal - and it did work. The reason it looked like it failed was because Sahjahn didn't materialise at the hotel.
    And the sluks aren't actually anything to do with thaumogenesis - that's a ... I don't know if it classes as a misdirect or if it's just that the characters have imperfect knowledge in world and so present their best guess as the truth - only to have it revealed they are wrong. The sluks are genuine creatures in their own right that come from quortoth. They are fleeing in the face of the destroyer. The sluks have always known how to get through the crack in reality that presumably opened when Sahjahn opened the portal - they are now using that knowledge to flee Connor. Connor follows them and that is how he is able to find his way back.

    Not that I'm defending these episodes. The end of season 3 is pretty dire. But factually everything does move in a straight line. Not an especially interesting line - but a straight one.

    I also quite like Connor. I don't know why - but whenever I watch the season 3/4 episodes I'm surprised at how much I don't mind him. I don't mind hearing other people saying they don't like him, though - it's not like my love of Doyle that I will fight to the death over. I just don't hate him.

    I'm with Kelly and also think Groo is adorable.

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