Still Dead #25. What Kind of Man. (S3.5-6)

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Now we need to learn how to fight.

In this episode of Still Dead, we grapple with Fred's trauma and then descend into true darkness when Gavin, Wesley, and Gunn are infected with misogynistic evil. Trigger warning for disturbing content as we discuss the truth of dark stories with Angel Season 3 Episodes 5 and 6, Fredless and Billy. 


  • Just to let you know the story about Billy which I think is unscreened canon is that Billy is half demon and the offspring of a powerful man who raped a good demon. This is why his family wants him back because it's the influence of his powerful but evil dad. Probably his cousin hates Bolts dad too.
    I also think Angel is inhuman because he's a demon or dead so it's physiological rather than psychological but your explanation works too.
  • Is there more trauma for Wes than Gunn? Gunn has had an incredibly hard life - you said in the Fredless segment that Gunn's parents are either dead or abandoned them. He grew up in care, he was homeless and fighting vampires, his sister died and he had to stake her. He's recently had to turn his back on his old crew because he couldn't bear to be around them and they lost their way without him. Gunn has his fair share of trauma.

    Wesley is a bad guy. All the hideous original sin misogyny he spouts comes from him. He has thought that before - none of the other men start talking about the bible. Gunn doesn't even call her names - he is just violent. And he can fight it even when it's taking him over. Gunn just is a better man than Wesley - he has less innate darkness in him, and that isn't because he has led a charmed life and has no prior trauma to draw on. He just is better.
    Fred says at the end that it was something done to him not something brought out in him - but if that was actually true, they would all react in the same way. It is bringing their own darkness - their own worst thoughts out - and Wesley's thoughts are about the dirtiness of women. We've seen his misogyny before: when he called Cordelia's friends 'doxies'; when Cordelia said she was top ten percent of her class and he said 'what class was that, advanced bosoms?'; when he said women took longer than men to adjust to knowledge of the supernatural. We saw his disregard for women's consent when he slept with Virginia without admitting he wasn't Angel. That put her in danger of pregnancy and disease and he did it anyway. This episode is what we have seen in Wesley before just with the dial turned up to ten.

    The similarity to the Margaret Atwood quote stood out to me as well. I referenced it in my fanfic version of this. But I'm afraid I absolutely excoriated Wesley in it ... and it is one of the many reasons that Fred eventually chooses Gunn over Wes. She just isn't going to forget the disgusting shit Wes said to her, even if her socialisation means she has to pretend she's fine with it.

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