7. My Little Luddite (The U.S. Poet Laureate, 3.17)

In this episode of Jed Bartlet is My President, I sit down with story nerd in training, future co-host of the Outlander podcast Sassenachs, and my daughter, Sarah Schwalbe, to discuss well-written women, reverse TellaDonnas, and CJ’s incredible awesome in The U.S. Poet Laureate (3.17)!



  • Sarah, you are great and I can hardly wait for Sassenachs in the fall! This podcast highlighted for me that their are generational references / differences (early Internet culture, Cuckoo' Nest) but also seemingly timeless themes (mansplaining). Can't wait to hear how this generational perspective plays out for S3 of Outlander. Speaking as a mother with kids your age (19/17). Btw, my daughter, who attends university in Scotland, also watches West Wing and Outlander and I hope to get her to tune into the podcast in the fall. She's smart about literature like you, and politically engaged in Scotland. She was able to vote last year in the US election; my son missed by not quite a year. Do I have to say it? They're not Trump supporters. Your generation can't come of age to vote soon enough for me.

    Did you say you are studying folklore in college next year? Or the year after? It's a selfish question -- of course you should go do this! Just wondering how you'll be doing the podcast with Lani while at college.

    On the podcast - agree they wrote the poet as a ditz. CJ rocked (Toby not as much this time, but he always has my heart). DonnatellaJosh! And wow, the early Internet days - we still have unwise engagement with trolls on Twitter, to be sure, but we have come a long, long way from those early listservs.

    Great work--thank you!
  • *there* not their damn autocorrect
  • I totally disagree with your assessment of Tabitha’s breakdown and Toby being soft on her. Initially he argued point for point with her about the reason for not signing the pact. He flat out told her she did not know what she was talking about. You could tell he was disappointed with her intractable view...meeting people you admire is often disappointing. The argument causes Tabitha to doubt her new found conviction which, paired with PTSD leads to the breakdown. I don’t think she was overly flighty or soft. Watching a child blow up in front of you is a pretty big incident.
    Secondly, as this podcast is about wishful,thinking in our West Wing, then CJ doing briefings with occasional whimsy and sarcasm is the order of the day.

    That being said, totally enjoying the female perspective as compared with the guys on West Wing Weekly.

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